Your personalised one-on-one consultation will help to determine if teeth grinding treatment is right for you and the appropriate treatment plan.


Teeth grinding involves two large muscles- the masseter and temporalis is also known as bruxism or symptomatic grinding. While it can occur in the day or night, night grinding causes the majority of problems. Thanks to the muscle-relaxing properties of anti-wrinkle treatments we are able to reduce tension in this muscles to help break the cycle. This treatment is  safe and doesn’t affect eating, talking, swallowing or any other normal function of the muscle.

No downtime is involved and full results are felt at 4 weeks post treatment. Treatment longevity is variable between individuals but generally last around 4-6 months

Prices are per treatment and there is a general standard dose suitable for most people of around 20-40 units per side so book your personalised consultation to receive your quote and take the first step towards a new you.