Your personalised one-on-one consultation will help to determine if PRP treatments are right for you and the appropriate treatment plan.


PRP is an innovative treatment which harnesses the incredible healing power of the body. When we are injured our platelet cells become activated, releasing substances known as ‘growth factors’ which stimulate healing. This procedure involves taking a sample of your blood and using it to separate the plasma and platelets from the red and white blood cells. The platelet-rich plasma is then drawn up into a small syringe with a very fine needle and is able to be injected back into the skin delicately.


Common treatment target areas include:

  • Under eyes to address darkness, fine lines and crepey skin
  • Face for skin texture improvement
  • Neck and chest areas to improve skin texture and reduce ‘necklace’ lines


Each area requires multiple treatments for optimal results, spaced out by around a month.

Treatment longevity is variable between individuals but generally around 12 months.

Prices are per treatment so book your personalised consultation to receive your quote and take the first step towards a new you.